Hearthstone Battlegrounds Beta Rat King Mech Deck Gameplay

We try out the newest mode that Hearthstone has to offer the Battlegrounds Beta, which is currently in early access mode from the November 5th to the 12th. In order to get early access you will need to pre-order 60 packs of the upcoming expansion Descent of Dragons. However, on November 12th there will be an Open Beta for everyone to try out . In this match we get to play as the Rat King who has a fun hero ability. The Rat King’s passive hero power states that “Whenever you buy a Beast, give it +1/+2. Swaps each turn.” Each turn it can randomly switch between Beasts, Mechs, Murlocs, or Demons. In this game in particular we were able to build a really strong deck centered around Mech Cards and Rat King’s Passive Hero Power. Find out if we were able to win the game or not.


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