Google’s long-forgotten Voice service just got a big update

Google's 'one number, many devices' phone solution Google Voice is well overdue for some attention, going on about five years since its last major update.

After teasing changes to come two weeks ago, the service is now rolling out its first major tweak in a looong while, complete with new features and a fresher look.

Rolling out starting today for iOS, Android, and web, the biggest change to the updated Google Voice is easier message browsing, with easy-to-search tabs containing your texts, voicemails, and call history separate.

Improvements have also been made to allow group chat and photo sharing over MMS, as well as replying within a notification tab when using another application – two features we've come to expect in a modern messaging app, and are certainly welcome here.

The newly added voicemail tab also gets a novel addition designed for Spanish speakers, as Google Voice expands its voicemail transcription abilities to include  Español, and promises to continue improving its accuracy over time.

Google Voice has more or less found itself competing with Google's own other service, Google Hangouts, for internet-based calling. In fact, Google Voice users can even receive calls through the Hangouts app

Google adds that while users don't have to change apps following Voice's new update, they may still "want to try them out" to see if its new additions call out to them as the new Google Voice rolls out over the next few weeks.

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