Google Pixel 3 XL notch might not be as big as you think

One of the most notable things we've seen in the various leaked Google Pixel 3 XL images is the size of the notch, which looks to hang much further down into the screen than most notches, but a new video suggests it might not be too bad after all.

The video, shared by Tech Rumor Report, shows a screen protector seemingly designed for the Google Pixel 3 XL and then shows it on top of a Google Pixel 2 XL, and there are a few things to take from it.

Firstly, the notch gets measured and comes in at around 1-inch wide and one third of an inch deep, with the bottom bezel also sticking up around one third of an inch.

Comparable to the Pixel 2 XL

Now, that’s by no means tiny, but when the screen protector is put on top of the Google Pixel 2 XL you see that in fact the notch doesn’t really stick out any more than the top bezel on that phone.

The bottom bezel looks to be roughly the same size too, as does the overall handset, despite supposedly having a larger 6.2-inch screen. We’ve heard before that the two phones would be roughly the same size, so this is believable.

Assuming the screen protector is accurate then the Google Pixel 3 XL will have a fairly large notch, at least compared to some rival handsets, but it won’t be unusually large compared to the bezel of the Pixel 2 XL, so if you were okay with that phone’s bezel then you’ll probably also be okay with the size of this notch.

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