Google Pixel 2 XL deals just crashed: now £23 per month for the big-screen handset

Following some ridiculous  prices at the start of the year, deals on the Google Pixel 2 have since been miserably high. But that's all changed this week, as Carphone Warehouse-owned has launched a raft of new Pixel 2 XL deals that make it one of the best-value phones on the market.

The headline price is the all new £23 per month tariff for 4GB of data and unlimited everything else on Vodafone, after paying £100 upfront. That brings the overall two-year price down to less than £700, saving you a good £300-ish on what you have to pay for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Note 8 and around half (yes, half!) of the least expensive iPhone X deals out there right now.

Need more data? Then hop on over to O2 and crank things up to a luscious 15GB allowance. The monthly bills will cost you £34, but there's absolutely nothing to pay upfront if you type in TechRadar's exclusive 10OFF voucher code at the checkout.

You can pick out your ideal Pixel 2 XL deal by using our bespoke comparison chart at the bottom of this page, or take the fast lane by choosing one of our favourite three handpicked deals instead.

Our top 3 best Google Pixel 2 XL deals:

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