Google Maps may soon solve your parking headaches

Google Maps is all about helping people find their way, be it going to a friend's place or wandering around an unfamiliar city. Now, it seems Google Maps may now also help users handle one of the more frustrating parts of road travel: parking.

It appears Google is working to show parking availability for users taking driving directions on the Google Maps app, according to Android Police.

The source's breakdown of the feature – which is currently rolling out for select users in Maps' v9.44 beta – gauges the difficulty of parking at the user's target destination.

This ability gives the driver a heads-up if parking will be a breeze or a pain in the you-know-where, making it easier to know when to start looking for a space before getting trapped in gridlock or inside a particularly contentious parking lot.

The parking availability feature does not yet appear to have rolled out yet for all beta users, making it unclear how long we can expect to wait before it makes its way to the public.

We have contacted a representative at Google to learn more about Google Maps' upcoming features, and if there will any limitations on what locations will be able to use it.

Google Maps is no stranger to adding small details to make things a lot easier. The app has come up with solutions ranging from pinging an Uber pickup to judging wheelchair accessibility to even showing gas prices of nearby stations.

Body Image Credit: Android Police

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