Get God of War free with this white PS4 Pro bundle deal

This isn't usually a great time of year to pick up a cheap PS4 Pro deal, but we've found an excellent bundle today that includes the new God of War game at no extra charge.

So while other stores are still charging £349.99 for the PS4 Pro alone, these offers from Argos and Currys come with an excellent game that costs at least £45 when bought on its own.

We don't see that price coming down for Kratos' new adventure either as the review scores have been overwhelmingly positive. Many are even calling it a potential 'game of the generation.' So yeah, don't expect to see it in any sales anytime soon. With level design, story and combat all getting a huge makeover, the series has evolved considerably since everyone's favourite irritable Spartan rampaged through ancient Greece.

This really is the game to get with your new PS4 Pro too as it's one of the best-looking games we've seen on the console, especially on a 4K HDR TV where the level of detail is simply stunning. If you're looking for a new 4K TV, you may want to take a quick look at our cheap TV deals page too.

This really is the PS4 Pro deal of the moment, especially given the white PS4 Pro doesn't get discounted as much as the standard black version. And just in-case you were wondering, you're getting a physical copy of the game here instead of a download code.

You'll find the links below to both Argos and Currys. So take your pick and opt for home delivery or in-store pickup. Don't forget to use any Christmas gift vouchers you might have left over too!

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