Get a PS4 deal with four ace games for £230 and save big on a PS4 Pro at Tesco

With the Xbox One X pre-orders finally going live, we can expect to see some seriously hot PS4 deals appearing in the run-up to Black Friday. Tesco is off to a flyer today though as a fresh voucher code knocks £20 off a selection of PS4 bundles and even the PS4 Pro.

We'd already selected these two PS4 Slim bundles in our roundup of the best PS4 deals this week, but the voucher code knocks a further £20 off. So the two best PS4 offers in the UK just got £20 cheaper. Let's take a look.

PS4 Slim | WipEout: Omega Collection | Doom | Dishonored 2 | Fallout 4 | £229.99 @ Tesco
As we've often found with Tesco's PS4 bundles, you can usually combine multiple special offers to nab multiple extra games for free. The original deal was a PS4 Slim with just one of the above games. But you can get all of them by adding each to your basket manually. Use the links below to add the games to your basket after choosing the initial PS4 Slim Doom bundle and it should automatically discount down to £249.99. Then, simply pop in the voucher code below at checkout to save an additional £20.

View this PS4 deal: PS4 Slim with Doom

Then add WipEout, Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 to your basket manually and use the voucher code TDX-WFTW at checkout to save £20.

Silver PS4 Slim | extra controller | Doom | Dishonored 2 | Fallout 4 | £229.99 @ Tesco
Like the deal above, you can hack Tesco's PS4 Slim deal to include multiple offers. This time, it's the silver PS4 Slim bundle with an extra controller (also in silver). Again, just add all the items to your basket manually and it'll reduce itself down to £249.99, then the voucher code knocks another £20 off. It's basically the same as the deal above, but you get an extra controller instead of WipEout (so technically better value in terms of raw savings). Use the links and voucher below to get it all for £229.99.

View this PS4 deal: Silver PS4 Slim and extra controller Slim with Doom

Then add Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 to your basket manually and add  voucher code TDX-WFTW at checkout to save £20.

1TB PS4 Pro | £329.99 @ Tesco
While not a bundle, this represents the cheapest PS4 Pro deal on the market thanks to Tesco's voucher code. Many retailers are still charging the full £250 for a PS4 Pro. Shop around, maybe via our regular PS4 Pro deals page, and you'll find the next best deal is £339.99 at Amazon. Actual PS4 Pro bundles with discounted games aren't as much of a year-round thing as regular PS4 deals, with hardware discounts often the way to go when looking for the best price.

In all honesty though, while this is the cheapest price in recent memory for a brand new PS4 Pro, it could be worth waiting for some Black Friday deals from November onwards. Sony's 4K PlayStation will be going head to head with Microsoft's Xbox One X and Sony can afford to knock even more money off the console (as it'll be a year old by then) enabling retailers to come up with some seriously cheap PS4 Pro bundle deals to encourage people to pick team blue over the greens in the race for 4K dominance.

Voucher code: TDX-WFTW
Expires: September 3
View this PS4 Pro deal:
PS4 Pro £329.99 @ Tesco

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