Firefox is the latest browser to add support for VR viewing

Mozilla's web browser will soon become compatible with virtual reality headsets, as Firefox's big update Tuesday adds support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Dubbed Firefox 55 and launching August 8, the upgraded web browser will now include WebVR — the platform that allows web browsers to function with VR headsets like the Rift and Vive.

Competitors like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome added WebVR support earlier this year, making Firefox not too far behind the trend of adding support for VR content over the web.

However, VR isn't the only feature coming to Firefox 55. In addition to the usual stability and security updates, the latest version of Firefox will also include Firefox Screenshots — a new way to capture images on your screen, edit them and then export them in a shareable format without leaving your browser.

While expected to debut tomorrow, it's worth noting that Firefox 55 may still take some time to roll out to everyone. That said, it should finish well before September 26, when the next major update of Firefox is expected to release.

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One thought on “Firefox is the latest browser to add support for VR viewing

  1. Firefox is killing it once again! All the while facebook is tracking page loading times and Google removes the Instant feature to better suite mobile platforms.
    This shows the dead end the software industry is really in. Such small gimmicky things are being implemented while VR is reduced to a browser feature. There’s nothing new even in this – web VR has been tried in the 90s.
    We hit the ceiling, people. We really did.

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