EE broadband just became the cheapest internet provider on the market

Stand aside, Sky. Budge up, BT. Take a hike, TalkTalk. And…erm…something alliterative with Virgin Media. EE is the big new player in the broadband deals game, and it's cheaper than all of you!

EE is offering unlimited broadband for £18.50 per month with only £7 to pay upfront. That shaves £30 a year off the cheapest offering from Sky broadband and £90 for 12 months cheaper than BT's standard plan.

Keep scrolling to see the full details of this brilliant EE deal and to find out a little more about EE's broadband proposition, including the bonus you get if you have an EE mobile contract too. But you'll have to get in quick – this promotional price is only around for one week!

Cheap broadband from EE

EE Unlimited Broadband | 18 months | Up to 17Mb | Weekend calls | No TV | FREE activation| £7 router delivery | £18.50pm
This really is an excellent price from EE. No other provider can match this monthly bill at the moment. And it's guaranteed for the entire 18 months, so by acting now, you can lock in a great price for the foreseeable future. Calls at the weekend to UK landlines are included as well. Total price over 18 months £340

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Best broadband deals from other providers

It's probably the cynic in you that wants proof of how good this EE price is. Worn down by years of hyperbolic promises of great savings, only find out a few days after purchase that you could have saved a tenner at the shop round the corner. We hear you. We sympathise.

So to make sure that you're not being shortchanged on your internet package, here are the cheapest prices you would currently have to pay to go with the other major providers:

What if I'm already on EE mobile?

If your mobile phone is already on the UK's fastest 4G network and you were hoping for some perks for broadband, then you're in luck. If you sign up for broadband as well, EE will add an extra 5GB of data to your mobile plan.

That could make a massive difference to how you use your smartphone, especially if you're currently on a 1GB or 2GB tariff. It opens up a world of streaming music (think Spotify or Deezer) and TV or films (on Netflix, Amazon Instant or the like) when you're nowhere near a Wi-Fi connection. Your commute just got great!

Any other freebies?

You are incorrigible! As you might expect, EE will send you a free Bright Box router, although it will charge you £7 for the delivery fees.

But you also get a year's free subscription to Norton Security Premium antivirus, which can be used across 10 devices including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. It's worth £69.99 and is a real step up from your computer's inbuilt security or a basic free antivirus program.

Compare broadband deals

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