Edward Snowden wants you to know he is not sponsored by KFC



Sometimes, you just wanna snuggle with your significant other in Santa hats and feed each other from a bucket of KFC. 

In times of hate, love is a revolution. Happy Holidays, internetpic.twitter.com/7hVAATLQUV

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) December 22, 2016

But when Edward Snowden posted a photo of himself doing just that on Thursday, the internet suspected him of selling out. 

I can’t believe Edward Snowden is sponsored by KFC #favs https://t.co/kttAzu5OtC

— Phil ass nappy dad🎄 (@adryfreccy) December 23, 2016

Edward Snowden was just a KFC corporate shill the whole timehttps://t.co/1ioQ2tX7JO

— G. Elliott Morris📈📉 (@gelliottmorris) December 22, 2016 Read more…

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