Demonetization: Teen dies by suicide in India after failing to withdraw cash for exam fees


India’s invalidation of high currency notes earlier this month continues to cost lives in the nation. 

In a heart wrenching incident, an 18-year-old student died by suicide in Mawai Buzurg village of Uttar Pradesh after he was unable to obtain enough cash for examination fees, according to an Indian Express report. 

The boy, Suresh, reportedly stood in queues outside the local for several days in attempts to withdraw some money. He was a student in Panchnehi Degree College, and was pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Science. 

Suresh died by suicide on Tuesday by hanging himself, a day before the examination fees had to be submitted at the college, his family was quoted as saying. Police said they are investigating the matter. Locals pelted the bank with stones in protest.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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