Delight in the old-timey wonder of Sesame Street's holiday special


The snow tumbles down on Muppets in top hats as a mustachioed Cookie Monster offers a Santa’d Jim Gaffigan a chocolate chip cookie. This is the scene on set as Sesame Street shoots its first holiday special in 10 years.  

“Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas” is a Dickensian tale told through a furry lens of children’s television. Much of the special takes place in an old-timey Sesame Street populated by the ancestors of the street’s familiar, fuzzy faces.

Image: zach hyman

Image: zach hyman

Set designer David Gallo took modern Sesame Street back to the 19th century with sepia tones, ivy-covered iron gates and laundry dangling by clothespins over the familiar cobblestone. The characters themselves underwent their own period makeovers, trading their regular clothes and monster fur for dashing, hand-sewed tweed outerwear and exaggerated facial hair.  Read more…

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