Crippling ice storm to encase 1,000-mile stretch of U.S. in ice


A severe ice storm threatens to plunge millions of Americans into darkness and paralyze travelers from Oklahoma to Washington, D.C. through the weekend. In some areas, at least an inch of ice could coat everything from tree limbs to roadways, downing power lines and causing surreal scenes of destruction.

The storm system responsible for the freezing rain, which is liquid precipitation that freezes upon contact with a surface,  will vault copious amounts of moisture into a bitterly cold air mass already in place across much of the Central U.S., Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. 

This will set up heavy precipitation, with snow in areas that have the deepest layer of cold air, and sleet and freezing rain where the wedge of cold air is more shallow, with above freezing air temperatures aloft.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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