Clean your clothes in half the time, thanks to Samsung QuickDrive

We are all busy with life stuff, so anything that can give us a few precious moments back to us is worth its weight in gold. Enter the Samsung QuickDrive, a washing machine that cleans your washing fast, really fast!

Where other washing machines take their time to make sure your smalls are nice and clean, the Samsung QuickDrive uses some fantastic cutting-edge technology to clean your kit in no time at all. 

The reason the Samsung QuickDrive WW8800M washing machine is speedy is because it has a unique fabric care drum that's been equipped with a pulsator that creates a fast water flow that covers the entire drum. 

This cutting-edge technology means that the detergent you put into the wash penetrates deep into the fabric, to give your clothes a thorough wash in no time at all.

The results speak for themselves: Samsung pitted the QuickDrive WW8800M against the Samsung WW8500K with a 5KG 40 degree cotton wash and the result was a wash that took half the time. 

Quiet is the new loud

You would think that with it being speedier, the drum would be noisier but this isn’t the case, thanks to the Vibration Reduction Technology that can be found within QuickDrive washing machines. The quiet Digital Inverter Motor will also give you long-lasting, reliable performance.

Added to this are some smart other features, such as Optimal Wash. Here the washing machine measures the weight and size of the load and calculates just the right amount of water needed to clean your soiled clothes. 

Two other fantastic features that are included in the range are Ecobubble and AdWash. AdWash is simple but brilliantly effective. The AdWash door allows you to add in a sock or other piece of clothing into the washing machine while it’s spinning. While EcoBubble uses innovative cool wash technology to allow you to wash at cooler temperatures to save on energy. 

If you have put your washing on just as you are about to leave the house (as many of us do), then you can still have peace of mind that the washing will be done properly. Just use the accompanying mobile app – couple with Samsung SmartThings – and through your smartphone you can check and monitor your laundry cycles.

There's also a delay end timer which lets you delay the time that the wash programme end. So you can set your washing to finish the moment you put the key on the door.

Fast, efficient and packed with the smart tech, the Samsung QuickDrive range is the brighter than white future of washing machines that you can get in your home right now. 

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