Cheapest 4G phones in India for August 2017

4G phones took quite some time to officially make their way to the Indian subcontinent. Although 4G smartphones were present, Indian telecom operators came around to adopting 4G much later. But today, 4G has spread all over India, including some remote corners of the country. 

Keeping this in mind, we’re going to look at some of the cheapest 4G handsets available in India right now. 

The LYF Flame 3 is one of the cheapest 4G handsets you can get in the country right now. It’s ideally suited for Reliance Jio’s networks in India and can be purchased from a number of retailers in the country, including LYF’s dedicated online store. Given the low price tag, the handset won’t perform on par with some of the more expensive handsets, but that’s a small sacrifice to make. You can get the Flame 3 for Rs 2,999.

Karbonn is one of the major players in the budget market segment. The manufacturer offers a wide range of choices as far as smartphones are concerned, and the Aura is just one of the many 4G phones it offers. Priced at Rs 3,449, the handset can be bought from a number of online retailers in the country.

Joining the long list of Swipe branded 4G phones is the Elite Star, which comes with a fairly decent hardware specs sheet under the hood, especially for its price tag of Rs 3,999. The fact that it has 16GB of storage by default (expandable) is a bonus here.

Yet another Karbonn offering on this list, the Quattro L45 has been around for quite some time now. The handset is slightly expensive compared to the other devices on this list. You can get it via online retailers for Rs 4,599. 

This is one of the best 4G handsets available in the sub Rs 10,000 segment. The device will set you back by Rs 6,199, which is fairly justified given the kind of hardware it packs.

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