Carrie Fisher's dog Gary is at his new home, but he's not tweeting


Though it was always pretty safe to assume that Twitter user @Gary_TheDog isn’t really Carrie Fisher’s beloved Frenchie pawing away at a keyboard, now we know for certain.

We also know that “Carrie Fisher’s Dog” is just a fan account — not connected to the family — because whoever’s been running it cleared things up once and for all.

“I should say that this account is not affiliated with anyone inside the family,” wrote @Gary_TheDog, who’s now up to 67,000 followers, Wednesday night.

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Over the last fews days Gary’s been asked who tweets for him.I felt it was best to post this statement to avoid any confusing or misleadings

— Carrie Fisher’s Dog (@Gary_TheDog) December 29, 2016 Read more…

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