'Can I have your meds?' and other questions you shouldn't ask someone with ADHD



In my experience, living with ADHD means actual, real personal difficulty.

I buy five pairs of eyeglasses per year because I keep losing them. It drives me insane when I lose my last set of duplicate keys. Again. 

So whenever someone tells me they are, “so ADHD,”  asks questions about my medication or feels comfortable enough to give unsolicited medical advice, I find these remarks bizarrely inconsiderate. 

It’s possible these comments are rooted in the belief that some don’t consider ADHD a real disorder. This stigma leads to varying, incorrect opinions, such as the assumption that ADHD is an excuse to medicate children that have trouble focusing or is caused by bad parenting. And, apparently, it leads to people not knowing how to talk about it. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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