BT’s best fibre broadband deal now comes with a free Fitbit Charge 3

BT forever seems to be conjuring up new and inventive ways to try and get your internet business. There's usually a pre-paid credit card thrown in, you'll frequently see free set-up and BT Sport subscriptions and sometimes, like now, there'll be a cheeky little freebie included with its broadband deals to persuade you BT's way.

And this is a good'n. The £129.99 Fitbit Charge 3 has only just become available to buy, but BT has clearly got hold of a job lot to give away with its fibre broadband deals. So that includes everything from its entry-level Fibre Essential for £29.99 per month, up to its 67Mb Superfast Fibre 2 at £41.99 per month.

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A free wearable is certainly a boon, but that's not all you get. BT Broadband is still running its Reward Card giveaway as well, with the value currently available up to £90. You can spend it online or instore anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

keep reading to find out about our very favourite BT Broadband deal, and there's some added information about that Fitbit strap as well.

BT's best value fibre broadband deal:

What is a BT Reward Card?

The Reward Card that BT sends out is a pre-paid credit card that you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard. In short, that's around a million shops, cafes and restaurants around the world, so you shouldn't find it difficult to find places to spend, spend, spend.

It's an old-fashioned chip and pin card, rather than contactless. But do make sure that you claim your Reward Card within three months of installation, otherwise you'll lose out on all that cash.

Is the Fitbit Charge 3 any good?

The Fitbit Charge 3 is all new, which means a 2018-ified design and features set-up. So we're talking about a premium-feel aluminium body (with charcoal black or rose gold) and complete touchscreen interface. There are no physical buttons on the Fitbit Charge 3.

But if you're more bothered about substance than style, then you'll want to know about the fitness features. They are plentiful. So on top of what you'd expect – heart rate tracking, workouts, guided breathing, etc – there's now added swim tracking and custom workouts for 15 different sports in all. And there are a lot more smartwatch style features here, too, with improved notifications and downloadable apps.

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