Audeze Mobius: the most advanced gaming headset ever made?

Audeze is already one of the best headphone-makers in the world. It makes incredible planar magnetic headphones, some of which costs thousands of pounds.

It's no surprise that when Audeze puts its expertise into a gaming headset, we end up with something very special indeed. This is the Audeze Mobius. Much more than just a normal set, it tracks your head position for even more immersive 3D surround sound. 

And, no, you don't have to pay thousands for this headset, but a much less scary £349.

The most advanced gaming headset

This is the most advanced gaming headset we've ever seen. It’s also the most interesting you can buy for a whole series of reasons. Let's start with the part that should get gaming and movie fans excited.

The Audeze Mobius doesn't just have surround sound. It also models the soundstage itself in 3D, and uses sensors inside the headset to tell when you move your head.

Turn your head left or right and the audio moves accordingly, making it seem as though you're listening through an incredible surround sound speaker system rather than a pair of headphones. The level of immersion on offer is through the roof, even compared to other surround sound sets.

The Mobius uses Waves Nx technology to create this effect, recording your head movements 1,000 times a second for completely natural, seamless 3D tracking.

It's brilliant for games, but works wonders with any sort of audio. Netflix? The Audeze Mobius make a movie of epic TV series seem truly cinematic. It applies to simple music listening too, able to work its 3D magic on everything from simple 2.0 stereo right the way up to 7.1 surround sound.

Once upon a time you might have expected a headset like this to need a giant breakout box, but the Mobius is a wireless headset that doesn't need a dock at all. There's just a detachable microphone to worry about.

You also get ultra-high quality streams, because the Mobius supports LDAC. This is a Bluetooth wireless standard developed by Sony that streams audio at up to 3x the normal bit-rate. It's wireless without compromise.

Audiophile sound

We're glad the portability factor is here too, because we have a feeling the Audeze Mobius will become not just our gaming headset of choice, but our favourite pair of headphones too.

Like Audeze's other sets of headphones, the Mobius uses amazing planar magnetic drivers, which are far better at reducing distortion than even a great dynamic driver. That's the kind used in the vast majority of headphones.

The Mobius have giant 100mm drivers, the same size as the brilliant Audeze EL-8. Audeze is a master of planar magnetic technology. Their expertise nets you audiophile-grade sound quality you simply don't usually get, even in a high-end gaming headset.

This is the most exciting gaming headset we've seen in years.

Getting creative

There are even extra features for content creators rather than those just planning to gobble up music, films and games. Audeze offers a Creator Edition of the Mobius that includes 3D audio plug-ins for pro-grade audio workstation applications like Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

These let you 'sculpt' sound in 3D, mastering through the Mobius headset.

How often do you see a gaming headset that has credibility professional music producers would appreciate? We think this might be a first.

You can get hold of the Audeze Mobius for £349.

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