Apple Pencil 2 could finally stick to your iPad Pro

Yes, yes, yes – the iPad Pro's Apple Pencil probably is the smartest digital stylus out there, what with its lag-free input, palm rejection and ability to monitor minute changes in pressure.

But it was also, in some respects, pretty dumb too. There was nowhere to house the Pencil on the iPad Pro itself, its circular shape meant it would roll off a table and it's Lightning charging port meant it had to stick out of the iPad like some sort of oversized tablet lollipop in order to juice it.

While Apple may yet need to fix that last issue, it seem that the Apple Pencil 2 will at least fix the first two problems, if a new report from LetemSvetemApplem is to be believed.

Introducing… Apple Clip?

It doesn't take a genius to guess what Apple plans to do to fix the issues. For starters, like many third party case options, it appears Apple will now put magnets into the Pencil to allow it to stick to the side of its tablet – just like the Smart Cover cases.

As for rolling off of tables, it's supposedly using a tried-and-tested method – simply popping a clip onto the side, which will stop it rolling and also let it hang onto a shirt pocket. It brings to mind when NASA tried to invent a gravity-defying ink pen for its astronauts, while the Soviet cosmonauts simply brought pencils up to space with them.

With the iPad Pro 2 expected to make an appearance in March, don't be surprised if the Apple Pencil 2 shows up then too. Knowing Apple's recent track record when it comes to needless accessories, brace yourself to laugh and/or cry at an "Apple Clip" announcement too…

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