Amazon’s Sonos Play:1 deal packs two speakers and a gift card for $300

We mean this in the nicest way possible, but Sonos can be kind of stingy. What we mean there is that it’s pretty rare for a Sonos speaker to go on sale – and, if it does happen, savings usually amount to $25 if we're lucky.

That’s what makes the Sonos Cyber Monday sale so special: Not only is the speaker company reducing the price of the Sonos Beam by $50/£50 at several retailers across the US and the UK, but it’s also whipped up a special deal on Sonos Play:1two speakers and a $50 gift card for $300 total

That’s $50 off the price of two speakers (they usually sell for $175 each) and Amazon will toss in a gift card for free.

So what can you do with Sonos speakers? Well, Sonos is probably most famous for its multi-room audio solution that allows you to set a song for one speaker at a time with multiple songs playing at once throughout the house, or syncing all your Sonos speakers to play the same song in between rooms. 

But if you’re the kind of person to confine your listening to a single room, you can set Sonos speakers in a left-right configuration to get stereo sound, too.

The deal doesn't have an expiration date but, unlike some of the other deals you'll see today, once it's sold out it's unlikely to come back in stock.

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