Amazon’s newly announced Echo devices are now shipping across Australia

Last month Amazon announced the launch of a whole range of new Alexa-powered devices that went beyond just smart speakers. While some markets like the US get the microwave oven, wall clock and the new smart plug, for now, Australia's choices are limited to the next generation of Echo speakers… which admittedly still gives us a wide range of new gear.

Those new speakers were previously available for pre-order but, starting today, are available for outright purchase and immediate shipping across the country.

The new devices available in Australia are the 2018 version of the pint-sized Amazon Echo Dot, the second generation of the Amazon Echo Show and the Echo Plus, along with a brand-new subwoofer (which is intended to be paired with another Echo smart speaker) called the Echo Sub.

Each of these items can be bought alone, but Amazon Australia is offering freebies with some devices, alongside device bundles that can work out cheaper that if they were purchased individually.

And with Alexa having being given up update as well, these new speakers promise to be more powerful and useful than their predecessors.

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