Amazon’s Instant Pickup points let shoppers take home their orders in minutes

Half the fun of ordering off of Amazon is having your packages come straight to your door. However, the retail giant's newest service may just entice customers to head outside by having their goods ready to go instantly.

Amazon is rolling out a new feature called Instant Pickup, where Amazon Prime customers in select areas can come gather their purchased items within mere minutes of placing an order.

The system is reportedly being put in place for a small selection of items at two brick-and-mortar locations at the University of California at Berkeley and Westwood, Los Angeles. 

Additional locations in Atlanta, GA,  Columbus, OH and College Park, MD are also being considered for Instant Pickup points, according to Reuters.

The idea is that certain 'impulse' orders like snacks, a spare charger or school supplies can be ordered via the Amazon app and almost immediately picked up at the established Instant Pickup location, helping the company insert itself into a new industry: last-minute shopping.

Primed and Ready

This isn't the first time Amazon has brushed with blazing fast delivery. In the US, two-day shipping is a standard for the Amazon Prime members. Some applicable orders can even be completed in the same day, thanks to Amazon Prime Now. 

Certain orders made through AmazonFresh, Amazon's grocery delivery service, can sometimes also be fulfilled in as little time as 15 minutes. 

As Amazon is expected to expand its reach to the food industry with food preparation kits and meals-ready-to-eat, customers may be enticed further with the idea of not waiting all day for their packages — potentially giving the company a major new foothold as a convenience shopping giant.

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