Amazon Echo speaker deals save you up to $50 before President’s Day weekend

You’ll be able to find new Amazon Echo speaker deals ahead of the official President’s Day 2018 sales events in the US, letting you save on the Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show or the latest standard Echo.Amazon has a discount available on all four of the above speakers.

The best price for an Amazon Echo speaker is the Echo Dot at $39 after a $10 discount. This is the miniature Echo speaker that you can easily set up and add Alexa’s smarts to any room. With a 3.5mm stereo cable, the Echo Dot can even integrate with your home speaker system, making it a handy voice-controlled DJ.

For a more powerful speaker right out of the box, Amazon’s Echo 2nd Gen is $84.99 thanks to $15 off. It’s available in several different colors and material finishes.

To get a bit of video thrown into the mix, the new Echo Spot is $114.99 after $15 off. This small speaker includes a small circular display that can be used to display online videos, song lyrics, the weather or handle a video call. It can even integrate with in-home cameras to double as a baby monitor or two see who’s at the front door.

For even more screen and the biggest discount of the bunch, the Amazon Echo Show is $179 after $50 off. The Echo Show boasts a large speaker at its base and a 7-inch display paired with a front-facing camera, making it a highly capable device. With Bluetooth, it can even connect to an external speaker system. Not bad for an early President’s Day deal.

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