Amazon blitzes the skies for speedy holiday deliveries


In 2016, Amazon might be the closest thing we have to Santa Claus.

Amazon wants customers to get their holiday gifts on time so much, it’s leased a fleet of 40 jets and packed them with orders to be shipped around the United States, according to Reuters.

The company is hellbent on flinging orders to the doorsteps of Prime customers as fast as humanly possible. Amazon promises the estimated 35-50 million U.S. members of its Prime service that customers will get their packages within two days, but really it wants those customers to get their packages even more quickly whenever possible. Unlike most airplanes full of packages, Amazon-leased planes reportedly don’t do stopovers, so they spend more time getting where they need to go. They also take off much later than most planes with similar missions, which allows them to depart with items ordered just before their customers drift off to sleep. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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