A broadband deal for £13.99 a month? Yes, you are reading that correctly

We swooned when the Post Office reduced its internet price down to £15.90 a month. We grinned when BT brought its fibre bills back down to less than £30. But our jaws pretty much hit the floor when we caught wind of a £13.99 per month broadband deal from Onestream.

Easily the cheapest way you can get home broadband in the UK right now, you'll pay £13.99 per month and a mere tenner upfront for 11Mb average speeds for the next 12 months. That includes absolutely unlimited usage and the (rather unfortunately branded) 'super dooper' router.

As you might expect, Onestream can only offer this super cheap broadband only deal for a limited time – but we don't yet know when it will come to an end. So make sure that you snap it up quickly if you just can't resist that price – frankly, we wouldn't blame you.

Onestream's super cheap broadband deal

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