7 gifts for people who were burned by the Samsung Galaxy Note7



The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was hands-down one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Samsung finally built the Voltron of phones, only for the Note7 to literally burn up and be permanently discontinued.

If you owned a Note7 and had to give it up, we feel your pain. It sucked to lose such a high-caliber phone and some people may never trust Samsung products again. 

In loving memory of the Note7, here are seven gifts for anyone who got burned — physically and metaphorically — by the phone.

1. Otterbox case

Image: otterbox

As phones get ever slimmer, there’s really not much between you and the electrical components inside. In other words: there’s nothing to protect you if your phone’s battery inflates. We’re usually against big and bulky cases, but if you absolutely must get one to shield your hand from direct contact with your phone, you might as well get one from Otterbox with four layers of protection. They’re not fireproof, but the four layers of protection is better than nothing. Read more…

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