7 films that show how Bollywood came of age in 2016



Bollywood flicks are best known for their song-and-dance routines, portrayal of larger-than-life characters, family values, or just over the top humor. 

But 2016 witnessed an evolution of sorts for Bollywood as audiences lapped up authenticity more than make-believe and raw imperfections more than perfect fairy-tales. 

The year saw some memorable releases spanning across subjects like women’s rights, drug abuse, mental health, sports, and the good-old family drama. 

The fact that all of them went on to become huge box-office successes is testimony to the maturing of Indian audiences, and with them, the filmmakers too. These are some of those must-watch Bollywood titles from 2016, according to movie directory IMDb.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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