7 brilliant Fitbit Flex bands for your fitness tracker in 2017

Update: Ready to get fit in 2017? If you've got a Fitbit Flex, we've put together a great list of accessories to help you out.

The Fitbit Flex has been a popular fitness band for years, so popular that the company has seen fit to launch a new version – the Fitbit Flex 2, but for anyone sticking with the original there’s a sizeable selection of bands available.

These in many cases are more stylish, premium, or just weirder than the strap that comes with the Flex. Some also offer new ways to wear your Flex – as a necklace or anklet, for example.

We’ve trawled through them to curate this list, which includes seven of the best, suited to various different styles and budgets.

To create this list, we've scoured the web for the things we're most impressed by, offering some cool features to enhance the power of your smart timepiece. We've ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing  – however, some variation may occur over time.

The i-smile 3D Edition is a similar style to the standard bands, with each coming in a single color and a rubbery material, but it adds an interesting 3D texture, with a raised diamond pattern that leaves it looking less plain than Fitbit’s Classic band.

There are a range of different colors available too, and it’s a very cheap option, though the quality perhaps isn’t quite as high as the official bands.

There are two obvious highlights to this Hotodeal band. The first is the bracelet-like design of the strap, giving it a more elegant, slim finish than the watch-like strap on the standard band.

The second is the huge number of colors and patterns you can pick, going well beyond basic shades to include things like a galaxy design or clouds, though if you’re feeling more conservative you can always opt for black or brown.

Like the Hotodeal wristband, this strap from HopCentury also comes in a wide range of colors and looks, but the strap design is more conventional.

It’s affordable, fits a large range of wrist sizes and adds some color to your Fitbit Flex. It’s more rigid than Fitbit’s official bands and a bit chunky, but if you want a cheap, eye-catching strap, this is it.

The Fitbit Flex is designed to be worn on your wrist, but there are times when that’s not ideal. If you have a pushchair for example, your arms won’t be moving while walking, which can lead to less accurate tracking. Strapping the Flex to your ankle can solve that, and that’s exactly what this band lets you do.

Having it on your ankle also allows for a more accurate estimate of your movement while cycling, and you can save that wrist space for a normal watch.

Most Fitbit Flex bands are as sporty as the tracker itself, but not this Holaca leather band. As the name suggests, it’s leather, but it also has a metal design on the front, which combine to make for a fairly stylish, classy bracelet.

There are a range of color combinations to choose from, with both the metal and leather available in different shades, and the watch-like buckle ensures your Fitbit Flex will stay firmly on your wrist.

This BSI metal necklace changes your Fitbit Flex into a real piece of jewelry, almost completely covering the tracker itself with a metal pendant, complete with a metal chain so you can wear it around your neck.

There are small gaps in the pendant, allowing you to see the display on the Flex and keep track of your progress, but they’re discreet, and passers-by are unlikely to even realize you’re wearing a fitness tracker.

If you like the idea of a real bracelet, but the leather of the Holaca option isn’t your thing, check out this stainless steel alternative by PL.

The flower design gives it an elegant finish, and runs along the bottom as well as the top, and as with most jewelry-like cases, this one has holes, so you can see the Fitbit’s display.

It’s distinctly feminine and won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s one of the more premium Fitbit Flex bands around, and a great choice if you want to wear your Flex somewhere fancy or formal.

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