5 customer complaints that escalated hilariously in 2016



LONDON — Complaining to companies doesn’t have to be a dull, rage-inducing affair — it can actually be an unexpected outlet for creative expression.

Just take the people below, for instance. Rather than letting 47-year flight connections and cucumber-dwelling worms get them down, they decided to harness the internet’s power to turn their problems into something altogether more brilliant.

1. The time this woman found a worm in her salad.

The evidence.

The evidence.

Image: facebook/leila jayne daly

After Leila Jayne Daly discovered a worm in her Sainsbury’s lettuce, she penned the British store an hilarious open letter on Facebook — this led to an equally brilliant response from a customer service rep named Ross, and a conversation that was shared around 24,000 times. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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