100GB of data on one of today’s cheapest Galaxy S10 deals – this offer is incredible

This is the kind of deal that we saw and just thought: are these prices actually correct? Well after a little bit of investigating we can say yes, this deal is real and yes, we have never seen a Samsung Galaxy S10 deal anywhere near as good as this. 

Excuse the hyperbole but when you hear what's on offer, we think you'll understand. Coming directly from Three, you're paying just £34 a month and £29 upfront for 100GB of data…yes 100.

For a little bit of context, with 100GB of data you could send 40,000 emails, spend 5,000 hours online, spend 230 hours on a video call or even upload 50,000 photos to Facebook. None of these are exactly normal monthly activities but a pretty good indicator to the kind of internet freedom you'll be getting each and every month.

Considering most 100GB of data offers on the Samsung Galaxy S10 cost in excess of £50-60 a month, we can tell you with absolute certainty it will not get any cheaper than this.

You can see this deal in full below but if its caught your eye then we would advise you to hurry, offers this good don't hang around for long.  

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