10 things Trump denounces more than hate crimes and white supremacists



Donald Trump is, by all accounts, a man who does not shy away from criticizing those he disagrees with.

In the wake of his election, Trump has received criticism for not denouncing his racist supporters in as harsh a manner as he criticized Hamilton or The New York Times.

As of this writing, Trump, since being elected, has published 12 tweets criticizing the media’s coverage of him, 3 criticizing the Broadway show Hamilton and 1 criticizing Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. He has not tweeted about the 700 reports of hate crimes committed between Nov. 9 and Nov. 26. He has also not tweeted about the racist “alt-right” conference in Washington, in which dozens of Trump supporters Nazi saluted and celebrated his victory. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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